Biotech Development Company, INC is an international company dedicated to nutritional supplements that combat sick animals and increase growth rates and returns. Using our 40 plus years in animal nutrition, we can reduce animal stress, sickness, negative environmental responses, improve nutrient absorption, maintain the integrity of the animal's gut and enhance the immune system.

We have built a successful reputation in poultry, swine, equine, livestock and aquaculture markets. 

Biotech continues to receive field reports from farmers worldwide that experience higher returns with better feed conversions and higher growth rates.Our field and independent research studies have proven that our distinction of excellence out performs the competition. We guarantee the quality, strength and result of each of our products.

Maintaining the health of your animals greatly affects your production values and your investment standard. 

By using our products you can receive results in as little as four weeks. Take our 30 day challenge and realize an increase in your investment.